TRHH is an audio comedy series conceived and produced in the tiny rural town of Low Point, Illinois by a trio of childhood friends – Kurt Johnson, Estry Mae Will and Randal (Randy) Throckmorten (Tom) Bachin (sounds like ‘bacon’) aka Eggs.

First released on April 1, 2005, the cast’s unique chemistry along with the rapid creative evolution of the production helped the show gain a foothold as one of the earliest comedy podcasts of note.  The original first run of the series was comprised of 26 episodes including 2 video episodes and one audio show done entirely as a musical.

The cast’s penchant for experimentation drove them to explore a variety of venues including live performances at the Low Point Pretty Good Ol’ Opry, and radio broadcasts on the extremely low-powered WLPI, Low Point IL, though podcasts remained the primary format for the show.  Hoping to avoid uninspired repetition and escape the pitfalls of becoming “pod-bound”, The Real Happy Hour went on hiatus in 2009 hoping to find fresh creative territory in the future.

The future has arrived!  Eggs, Kurt and Estry can now be heard in regular live broadcasts streaming on WLPI, Low Point, with more exciting surprises on the way.  Check back often for broadcast times and the latest announcements!

Want to leave a toast or message for the cast and have it played on a show?  Call 815-780-9574.  

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