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The Real Happy Hour Episode 27 – Happy Face Comments closed

So how many episodes of the show are there? 26? 25 if you don’t count that hellish video episode? Wrong, there are now 27 episodes of the show, and you better count the video episode because it took about 7 months to make.

At every rate, Episode 27 of the show can be heard now, for free, downloaded even in CD quality rattling.  Before you rush off and listen, you should probably join the TRHH group on Facebook.   There’s a page as well, but who has time to update a Facebook page?

Ok, here’s your link: CLICK HERE

And here are the tempting show notes:

Six years in the making, Episode 27 of The Real Happy Hour is finally here! During the intervening time we’ve let our RSS feeds lapse, obviously, so we were concerned about finding a way to distribute the show. We would like to thank Bud Taffle, founder and CEO of Tall Cotton Portable Toilets for exerting some leverage with his nephew Rice Taffle of Rice Taffle Soiree to get us some space on the short end of the airwaves.

Drinks for this show are a free-for-all, so drink what you want as long as you drink.

Note: This program will sound best on a car stereo while driving at night.

In this episode of the show: Rice Taffle shares his air, Whispered entertainment, NPR and Wally Phillips,, Marvin Messenger, the Forensic episode, We can do whatever we want, Saddy Face, Happy Face, Lyle Waggoner, Trophy tribulations, Prelude to a toast, My Favorite Canadian, Shiva and Jim Bakker, The Toast, Cable car, the 8 lb Orek, TRHH Subdivision, The O’Mennonites, Presents from Trav, Failing Vodka, We love Estry, Happy Face/Saddy Face, Video games, Addictions, Gamer Estry, Gears of War, Lunch with Volition, Unicycle guy, Butch Lummox, Band of Brothers, Kurt closes the show, A Toast With No Show.

TRHH Info Triage Comments closed

For anyone who may stumble onto this page, whether you’re familiar with The Real Happy Hour podcast or just finding out about it, know this-  it does exist.  It’s not merely a myth, though it is myth-worthy.  The show’s been on a (very) extended hiatus while Kurt, Eggs and Estry have been out earning a living, but of course that could fall through any day and we’ll be right back in full production.  In the meantime, here’s what you need to know in order to study up on one of the most surprisingly enjoyable podcasts of all time.

The first 9 episodes along with some extras are available on Bandcamp – click HERE.  While you’re over there, check out Kurt Johnson’s Kurious Kommunikations and get acquainted with our favorite offshore radio show host, Rice Taffle on Rice Taffle Soiree.

One very helpful member of the TRHH family has graciously uploaded all of the existing 26 episodes and many of the extras to a Google Drive, and you can access it by clicking HERE.

And lastly, if you’d like to rub elbows with some fun and funny folks, consider joining our TRHH group on Facebook by clicking HERE.  That’s the quickest way to track the latest rumblings about our possibly eventually likely inevitable lapse into re-production.


TRHH Hotline Heats Up Comments closed

Call TRHH, but not from your shoe.Call 309-740-0070 and you’ll see that the TRHH hotline is now open for business.  The Real Happy Hour Family is built on communication, as vulgar, obscene and unintelligible as it may be, so dial up, leave a toast or comment, or try to  surprise us.